TomTom Amigo on Android Auto

TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto, what’s new with you? 

If you’re one of those who like to explore alternative mobile app options, then you may have heard of TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto. It is one of the best navigation apps available on the market today. And now, it gets better with the newest updates it got. The app offers the same capabilities as […]

Amigo GPS Navigation

AmiGO GPS Navigation App: Your new friend on the road

Do you use any traffic navigation app like Waze or Google Maps? Do you regularly project them on your head unit? Well, good news for you! TomTom’s AmiGO GPS Navigation app is now available on Android Auto. About our new AmiGO Opening up its ecosystem to both organic and third-party apps was always the draw […]

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