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New Apple Maps

The New Apple Maps: Finally, Apple Listened to Us

Since its launch in 2012, Apple Maps has been playing catch up to other navigation apps in terms of features, design, and stability. And the app also suffered from early inaccuracies and negative feedback even from ardent Apple users. As the default web mapping service of Apple, the initial reception to Apple Maps was disappointing.

It turns out that these were not more than “birth pains” (though nine years makes it prolonged infancy, right?). This year, the launch of iOS 15 marks the culmination of arduous testing and development of Apple to present a better product to its customers. And the new Apple Maps experience is something to look forward to – a just reward for our unwavering patience towards the brand.

The Coming Improvements to Apple Maps

I know you are all excited to experience the new Apple Maps. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, we highlight below the main features of the improved app. 

Driving with the new Apple Maps

If you’re behind the wheel, you’ll love the new road details added to Apple Maps. From turn lanes, medians, bus, bike and taxi lanes to crosswalks, these were all given a touch-up in iOS 15. This improved look is pleasing aesthetically and provides a clearer view of landmarks and obstructions when the turn-by-turn navigation is on.

New Apple Maps
New Apple Maps

In addition, a new 3D road-level view assists drivers in getting a better perspective of what’s ahead, especially on complex interchanges.

Drivers will also appreciate the lane guidance feature added to the app: no more wrong turns and missed exits. 

Finally, the route planning capability of the app can help your next trips as it shows future ETAs based on saved traffic data. 

A Better Commute with the new Apple Maps

For non-drivers, the upgraded Apple Maps offers several rider improvements – station locator, real-time arrival and departure times, stop alerts, favourite routes. It’s not just car owners who will get the fun. 

Walking is More Fun with the new Apple Maps

Augmented Reality makes exploring a city or town more exciting. When you’re on the app, scan the surrounding buildings, and soon you’ll get step-by-step directions in AR form. 

Augmented Reality

You also get Indoor Maps, which is a guide inside major airports and shopping centres all over the world.

Getting into the Cycling Craze with the new Apple Maps

Even bikers will get Apple Maps support with voice guidance, path elevation profile, and haptic feedback. 

The new Apple Maps helps you Explore 

Look Around feature

The Look Around feature – an interactive 3D street level and a 360-degree view of select cities – allows you to explore an area before getting there truly. 

Place Cards on a destination gives users vital information like exact address, opening and closing times, website, contact info, and location photos.

The enhanced Search function of the new Apple Maps and its more targeted filters makes it much easier to find the restaurant, hotel, shopping centre, or landmark you are looking for. 

The Globe view is self-explanatory. Meanwhile, the Flyover view is a 3D bird’s eve view of a particular city or town. 

Combine all of these with Moonlit Glow or Apple Maps’ nighttime mode, and you can begin exploring a new city or town high and low, day or night.

Flyover View

Our Final Word

These are exciting times for Apple users as they have waited a long time to have these tons of features tacked in a more reliable Apple Maps app. If you’re one of the users, just check this link to ensure these features are available in your area.

To further enhance your Apple Maps driver experience, we suggest viewing it straight from your car’s head unit. Apple Maps is available to access via Apple CarPlay and works hands-free through Siri. 

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