Nissan Navara head unit upgrade

Thinking of a Nissan Navara Head Unit Upgrade?

Do you need a Nissan Navara head unit upgrade or not? If you’re still undecided, consider this. The factory-installed head unit provides a basic audio system. What if we tell you that you can open your current in-car infotainment system to modern features and conveniences?

Nissan Navara

An upgraded head unit can provide Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, smartphone integration, and improved sound quality. These features are essential, not just for entertainment purposes but also for safety. Getting that head unit upgrade today is a worthwhile investment, not merely an expense (as your spouse or friends might say).

How to do a Nissan Navara head unit upgrade?

Upgrading the head unit in a Nissan Navara does not need to be complicated. You can even do it as a weekend DIY project! Don’t get overwhelmed.

You just need to take note of these steps first:

1. Choose the Right Head Unit

The first step is to choose a head unit compatible with the Nissan Navara and has the features the owner wants. This may involve researching different head unit models, reading reviews, and comparing features.

2. Gather the Necessary Tools

You will need tools to remove the old head unit and install the new one. These may include a screwdriver, wire strippers, crimping tool, and electrical tape.

3. Remove the Old Head Unit

Disconnect the battery to avoid electrical shocks, then remove the old head unit from the dashboard. This may involve removing screws or clips holding the head unit in place.

4. Connect the Wiring Harness

The new head unit will come with a wiring harness that needs to be connected to the Nissan Navara’s OEM wiring. This may involve splicing wires or using a wiring harness adapter.

5. Install the New Head Unit

Once the wiring is connected, mount the new head unit into the dashboard and secure it. Connect any additional components, such as the reverse camera.

6. Test the New Head Unit

Test the new head unit to ensure everything works correctly, including the sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, and other features.

Getting that new Head Unit

So, if you’ve decided to upgrade your head unit, it’s time to choose WHERE to get one. 

VHEDIA offers quality-made head units packed with the latest Android-powered technology to open your vehicle to new features and apps if you aim for more comfort, entertainment, and safety while on the road, your new Vhedia Nissan Navara head unit can provide it. 

And to save you more time and money, Vhedia designed these head units so you can do the installation right in your garage within an hour or so. More time for your hobbies or the fam!

Here are the available Nissan Navara head units from Vhedia you can choose from at the moment:

VH-80072: Nissan Navara Head Unit 2015+ NP300

VH-1798: Nissan Navara Head Unit D40 2007-2015

MT-80100: Nissan Navara Head Unit D22 2006-2015

Head Unit Install Videos

You may want to watch these Nissan Navara head unit upgrade guides before starting your DIY project:

If you still have trouble installing it, you may contact Vhedia’s outstanding technical support for tips and other questions.

Our Final Word

So, if you’re thinking of a Nissan Navara head unit upgrade, don’t think twice. It will be the best decision you made in your (driving) life. You deserve the new freedom and functionalities inside one of the most popular and reliable pickup trucks in Australia. 

Nissan Navara head unit upgrade
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