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TomTom Amigo on Android Auto

TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto, what’s new with you? 

If you’re one of those who like to explore alternative mobile app options, then you may have heard of TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto. It is one of the best navigation apps available on the market today. And now, it gets better with the newest updates it got.

The app offers the same capabilities as more popular options such as Google Maps and Waze – turn-by-turn navigation, community-powered traffic notifications, road incident reporting, and speed camera warnings. However, what drew millions of users worldwide to AmiGO is that you can experience all these features ad-free

This means a more focused and hassle-free drive which you can enhance further by displaying the app’s visually-enticing interface on your head unit screen via Android Auto.  

Updating TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto

To sustain AmiGO’s momentum, the developers regularly bring updates to fix bugs and launch new features to improve the app. For this version, the app introduces a few enhancements that will benefit Android Auto users.

TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto

First, TomTom has made it easier to zoom in and out of the screen, benefiting drivers navigating difficult or unfamiliar roads. You also can now adjust navigation volume separately from your music audio. And finally, light and dark modes are now available, making driving safer and less distracting, especially at night. 

In addition, the most recent updates brought to users features to make drives more comfortable with Tomtom AmiGO on Android Auto. 

If you allow the app to access your contacts, you can type the name of your friend or family member, and you will get directions to the saved address. This feature will save you time typing the extended addresses of your frequent destinations (and will come in handy if you forget where your parents’ new home is). Just make sure you update the address line of your contacts to make the most out of this new feature. 

You may also connect AmiGO to your calendar app so you can easily reach your appointment destination. If you add an address to your meeting schedule, the information gets integrated into the app for easier access.

TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto

And don’t worry about your contact information leaking. TomTom Amigo is one of the most privacy-conscious apps in the market to date. 

Our Final Word

There are always great alternatives to mainstream options. It’s just a matter of you knowing about it and trying it for yourself. TomTom’s AmiGO app gives you similar navigation features as Waze or Google Maps, but with added benefits such as an ad-free experience and contact integration. 

And to maximise the features of TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto, we suggest you pair it with the latest-in-technology head unit. Vhedia brings an upgrade to the car infotainment systems to a wide range of vehicle models. So, if you’re looking for better vehicle media, visit the shop today!

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