Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

In this article, we’ll give you a guide on how to do a Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia head unit installation.

Toyota Prado 2017-2021
Vhedia Head Unit Installation

Before we start, though, you might need these tools on hand:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Bolt remover
  • Masking tape

Factory head unit, airconditioning and frame removal

  1. Attach some masking tape along the side of the trim to protect it from scratches. 
  1. Use the trim removal tool included on your Vhedia head unit kit to lift the trim and control panel from the console.
  1. First, gently pull out the AC control panel. Once you’ve done so, remove the power connection.
  1. Find the four bolts behind the panel. Unscrew those to remove the original head unit.
  1. Gently pull out the head unit. A few pulls on both sides will do the trick. 
  1. Unplug all the connecting cables.

Testing the Vhedia head unit

  1. Take out the main wire harness with the CAN-BUS from your kit. 
  1. Begin plugging in the cables to the available original ports of the vehicle. You can’t do too wrong here since the plugs fit only a specific port size. Also, excess plugs and pins are normal.
  1. Get the 20-pin plug from the harness and slot it in the Vhedia head unit.
  1. Get the wire harness with 6-pin grey plug and put it in the head unit port.
  1.  On its other side are the camera plugs. Search for the pin that says “Cam In” and insert the corresponding “Cam In” port from the main wire harness.
  1. Insert the microphone plug on the head unit slot. 
  1. Put in the Vhedia head unit on its slot on the dashboard.
  1. Turn on the engine. Make sure the head unit turns on. Check if there is a sound coming from the speakers.
  1.  Shift to reverse and see if the video feed from the camera appears. 

Fitting the new Vhedia head unit

Air Condition (AC) vents

  1. Remove the plugs from the Vhedia head unit.
  1. To move the AC vent from the old head unit to the new one, you need to pop open the holding clips around the vents. You may use a couple of flathead screwdrivers for this. 

Leverage clips on either side. Once one side pops out, gently pull on the vent and do the other end. 

  1. Take the AC vent to the new frame, line it up on the slots and push it in until you hear a “click”. Make sure you secure the vent into place.
  1. Get the tabs from the original head unit and put them on the new one. Your flat head could help you here as well.

Extra Cable pack

  1. First, plug in the USB cable. It will have one port that says “Android Auto | Apple Carplay”.
  1. The external microphone plugs into the port on the USB cable. 
  1. Screw the GPS outlet onto the head unit connector. Then, mount the GPS device on top of your head unit (it should have a stick-on to help you do this). The ideal spot is in-between the two AC vents. 
  1. Store the other cables (such pre-out cables and auxiliary cables) for future use.

Dashboard wiring

  1. The USB wiring you plugged into the head unit should be connected to the factory USB on the centre console. You’ll find the OEM USB port on the dash. Secure the connection using electrical tape. 
  1. Secure as well the loose wires and connections on the camera wiring.
  1. You may also tape up the other wiring and connections to make everything tidy and easy to tuck in before fitting the Vhedia head unit.
  1. Run through the second USB port down the dash under some trim and pop it somewhere accessible and convenient. Tuck it out of the way and secure it with some tape.

In the future, the kit may contain additional tools to allow you to put the USB port somewhere in the vacant slots on the dash.

  1. Tuck the microphone cable under the steering wheel and collect it on the console. 
  1. Stick the microphone behind the steering wheel or near the sun visor using the mount provided in the kit. 

Final touches on your Vhedia head unit installation

  1. Plug everything back in (as was when you’re testing the head unit): 20-pin black plug, 6-pin grey plug, the antennae and microphone. 
  1. Gently push the Vhedia head unit into the slot. Make sure it is tight and secured.
  1. Before screwing the bolts back in, power up the vehicle and check if the head unit is working – speakers, reverse camera, touch screen, and steering wheel controls.
  1. Plugin the AC control panel and return it to its slot. 

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Vhedia Head unit installation
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