Toyota Prado Head Unit upgrade

Toyota Prado Head Unit Upgrade: Why do it?

In this article, we’ll talk about why you should do that Toyota Prado head unit upgrade now.

Toyota is known for a lot of good things. However, their Prado line has run behind the head unit and its technology. Are you thinking of having the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? How about installing extra apps like Hema Maps or running multiple cameras for a caravan? Then, it would help if you thought about upgrading your Toyota Prado Head Unit today with one of our head units suitable for Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado Head unit Upgrade
Prado 2

About the Toyota Prado

The Prado (150 Series – 2009 – 2022) is part of Toyota’s beloved and enduring Landcruiser line. Since the fourth generation’s (150) introduction to the Aussie market in 2009, the Toyota Prado has been famous to those looking for a spacious family car and a reliable weekend ride on the outback, thus earning its badge mum’s school bus and daddy’s trusty outdoor four-wheeler!

Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

To further enhance the Prado’s appeal, Toyota added new performance upgrades to improve power, comfort, and fuel efficiency over the past couple of years – a 2.8 turbo diesel engine with increased output and torque, six-speed auto transmission, satellite navigation, and modern interior amenities. 

The automotive giant also introduced an impressive suite of safety features such as Toyota’s Safety Sense, anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control (TRC), vehicle stability control (VSC), and the electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) to the Toyota Prado’s range of models (i.e. GX, GXL, VX, and the Kakadu). All these drives home this SUVs claim as the top choice for a family car. 

Still, its identity as a premier off-road ute was not forgotten with the newest set of updates.  Variable flow control power steering, active TRC anti-slip mechanism, HAC (hill-start assist control) & DAC (downhill assist control), rear differential lock for extra grip, high ground clearance, and a 3,000kg towing capacity helped stake Prado’s claim. 

And though the Prado is not the cheapest 4WD in the market, it makes up for it with a highly-comfortable drive, more than decent off-road performance, a generous room for customisations (despite the handful of features already), and holds its resale value. No wonder it’s still as popular as it was a decade ago. 

Toyota Prado 150 Series 2014-2017 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

Benefits of a Toyota Prado Head Unit Upgrade

Speaking of modifications, Prado’s infotainment system is still open for improvements, especially if you want to experience more freedom in your car’s central command centre. 

And though Toyota is known to be behind in terms of its head unit experience, an apparent reason for this was that the company chose to focus on several other things first: engine performance, automotive design, and driving safety.

Toyota Prado 150 Series 2014-2017 Head Unit Extra Install Instructions

Then, why should you do a Toyota Prado head unit upgrade?

1. Open your vehicle to more apps

Given that the factory head unit of the newer Toyota Prado comes with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, you would not believe at first that you can still do better. And, if you own a pre-2016 model, then you might not have this technology altogether.

Switching to an Android head unit enables you to download any available app on Google Playstore. This allows you to do more than just access navigation, messaging, and music/audio apps. It’s like having a tablet on your das board. 

Still, safety is the primary priority on the road so refrain from using these apps while driving (or go hands-free if you can). 

Toyota Prado 150 Series 2014-2017 Head Unit – Common Changes to be Made

2. It’s easy to do

Our head unit installation kits for Toyota Prado include everything you need: the main head unit, cables, wire harnesses, and trim removers. This allows you to replace your old head unit yourself. Everything now is plug-and-play with no cutting needed!

Save serious dollars from labour by installing the head unit DIY. Here are a few videos to help you out, and it is easy to do. From feedback, most people can do it within 2 hours!

Toyota Prado GXL 150 Series 2009-2012 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

3. The more technology available, the better

Maximise the use of your head unit by installing extra hardware for your vehicle. 

Need additional eyes for safety? Connect your reverse and front cameras and view it on your dash screen. 

How are your tyres? Easily connect via Bluetooth your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for a worry-free drive. 

A quick check engine condition? Diagnose and view critical system gauges when you sync your OBD2 scan tool to your head unit.

And with more automotive gadgets coming into the market every year, you’ll be assured that your infotainment system is ready to accept these upgrades.

Toyota Prado GX 150 Series 2009-2013 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

4. Get Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Aside from making our drives more convenient, the widespread adoption of Apple Carplay and Android Auto can be attributed to the heightened importance given by drivers to road safety. 

So for those Prado owners without access to these systems, it would be wise to upgrade your head unit for your ease of mind behind the wheel. 

Toyota Prado 120 Series 2003-2009 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

Available Vhedia Toyota Prado head unit upgrades

Vhedia offers the following Toyota Prado head units for your planned upgrade:

Toyota Prado 150 Series

  1. Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado 150 2014-2017
  2. Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado GXL 2009-2013
  3. Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado 2017-2022
  4. Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado GX 2009-2013
  5. Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado VX Head Unit 2009-2013
  6. Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado VX Head Unit 2017-2023

Toyota Prado 120 Series

  1. Head Unit Suitable for Toyota Prado 120 2003-2009

How do you do the Toyota Prado Head Unit Upgrade?

We have these guide so your Toyota Prado head unit installation will be a breeze!

Our Final Word

The Toyota Prado boasts modern features and a spacious interior that make it the ideal family car while having the performance to rival any 4WD. But, as we’ve mentioned, there is still room for improvement for this vehicle. 

One area you can upgrade is Prado’s infotainment system. And with Vhedia, you’ll be assured of a quality head unit equipped with the latest technology in vehicle media. Don’t think twice and get your Toyota Prado head unit upgrade today!

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