Toyota RAV4 head unit upgrade

Toyota RAV4 Head Unit Upgrade: Rev up your RAV4 today!

Do you own a Toyota RAV4? Do you take it on your daily ride to the office? Or do you drive to your favourite weekend getaway with it? Is it still possible to REV-UP the RAV4? Yes! And it’s time to get a Toyota RAV4 head unit upgrade today!

RAV4 head unit upgrade

About the Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is a popular compact SUV in Australia, known for its reliability, practicality, and versatility. It has been available in the Australian market for many years and has gained a significant customer base.

The RAV4 in Australia has various features and technology depending on the variant. Common features include touchscreen infotainment systems, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, keyless entry and ignition, leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, and more.

RAV4 head unit upgrade

Getting a Toyota RAV4 head unit upgrade

Still, we at VHEDIA believe there is still more to be unlocked with your SUV, especially with your media systems. Enhancing features such as more mobile applications, full HD display, epic sound quality, cameras, GPS, etc., should be staples on your Toyota RAV4 centre consoles because you deserve a complete driving experience every time, all the time!

We offer Vhedia Toyota RAV4 head units with a quick-boot Android operating system, tons of memory storage, a full-colour touch screen, built-in DSP (for better audio), durable frame & parts, bonus tools (e.g. OBD2 diagnostic scan tool), and a plug-and-play cable adapter kit. Hence, you enjoy your new head units faster than you can finish a pint!

RAV4 head unit upgrade

Here is the current list of Toyota RAV4 head unit upgrades in Vhedia:

VH-1835: Head Unit Suitable for Toyota RAV4 2009-2013

VH-80101: Head Unit Suitable for Toyota RAV4 2013-2018

VH-1909: Head Unit Suitable for Toyota RAV4 2019-2020 10″

You can check out these videos to help you get started installing your RAV4 head unit upgrade, or you can contact our excellent customer service for assistance:

Toyota RAV4 2009-2013 head unit installation

Toyota RAV4 2013-2018 head unit installation

Hope to hear from you soon! Looking forward to REVVING UP that RAV4 with you!

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