Troubleshooting the Newest Apple Carplay Update

Troubleshooting the Newest Apple Carplay Update

iOS 15 debuted in September 2021, and we talked about the goodies it brought to our Apple Carplay-enabled head unit in this article. However, users who had already downloaded the update faced disappointment due to annoying bugs in the system. Thus, we’re here today to help you in troubleshooting the newest Apple CarPlay update. And we hope you again feel the enhanced driver experience the program ought to bring to users. 

Troubleshooting the Newest Apple Carplay Update
iOS15 interface

What’s in iOS 15 for Apple CarPlay?

Aside from the new Notifications summary, iOS 15 redesigned apps such as Weather and Wallet and introduced new features for FaceTime and Photos. And, if you have Apple Carplay, these new features will delight you:

  • Announce Messages – Siri can now read aloud your messages
  • Focus – anti-distraction feature
  • An enhanced Maps for driving
Apple Maps
Apple Maps

Tips in troubleshooting the newest Apple Carplay update

However, the early feedback on the newest Apple Carplay update has not been too kind. Complaints mainly come from how the program crashes when connecting wirelessly or playing music via Apple Music or 3rd-party apps. 

1. Wireless Apple Carplay

Connecting your iPhone to your head unit via Bluetooth should’ve made it more convenient to use Apple Carplay apps on your head unit. Having your smartphone tucked safely on your bag or charging is way better than your cables dangling from your dash.

Are you subscribed to iCloud+ and have the iCloud Private Relay (a new security function for users’ online information)? Then, currently, it affects the wireless connection between your smartphone and head unit via Apple Carplay. You have to turn this off for now when syncing with your car infotainment system. 

Private Relay
Private Relay

To turn Private Relay off, go to Settings, to iCloud, and then look for the Private Relay toggle to disable it. 

If turning off the function does not fix the problem or you’re not subscribed to iCloud+, resetting the network settings of your iPhone should do the trick in the meantime. Note that if you do this reset (found on Settings), you will remove all saved Wi-Fi network passwords as well. 

2. Music Apps

The use of music apps is a weird cause for Apple Carplay to crash. However, you will find it hard to be surprised nowadays, given the complexities of today’s technology. Some Apple users, anyway, discovered a workaround you can try as well so you can play your favourite music apps on your head unit. 

Apple Music
Apple Music

Head to your music apps settings and turn off the EQ or equaliser. As easy as that! And if you’re using Apple Music, turn off the Late Night function too. Finally, resetting all the network settings on your iPhone is also an option.

Apple Carplay users only suggested these solutions and are not fully proven, so take all these with a grain of salt.

Our Final Word: Troubleshooting the Newest Apple Carplay Update

While we all became excited with the announcement of iOS 15, the actual product has been a letdown of some sort. Aside from the Apple Carplay crash, iPhone users also experienced losing photos in their library, a ‘glitchy’ touch screen, and storage and widget issues. 

Still, we hope Apple gets all these sorted out ASAP, as iOS 15 remains a game-changer in the car infotainment seen in our minds. 

Notification Screen
Notification Screen

Meanwhile, if your head unit is not yet Apple Carplay compatible, you should think of upgrading now. Vhedia offers vehicle media, including head units, for the most popular brands in Australia. Expect quality, affordability, and the latest technology when you visit Vhedia’s online shop today! 

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