Vhedia Head Unit Kit

Unboxing the Vhedia Head Unit Kit

While unboxing the Vhedia head unit kit, these are the items you will see :

  1. Head unit (with screen) and facia kit
    – The design of the head unit and facia kit (the plastic exterior you clip/screw on your dash) depends on the model of your vehicle.
    – At the back of the unit, you’ll find the different plugs and ports for the original car harness, antenna, GPS, etc.
  2. OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool
    – Basic scan tool to check engine data and display gauges on your head unit.
    – To learn more how to connect this device to your head unit, check our guide here.
  3. Trim removal tools
    – Helps pop off your old head unit (and other interior parts of your dash) so you can install the new one.
  4. Eze Install Cable Adapter kit
    – Fit your OEM harness of your vehicle (plug-and-play)
    – CAN BUS module to connect to steering wheel controls, AC, etc., depending on the model of your vehicle.
    – Plug for factory video camera.
    – Antenna adapter
  5. USB plug cable
    – If your vehicle has a factory USB plug
  6. Extra external video ends
  7. Pre-outs for amplifiers, sub-woofers, or front speakers
  8. Two USB outputs
    – For GPS, wired function of Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto, or external microphone output
  9. Reverse camera
    – If you already have a factory reverse camera, you just need to connect it to your head unit.

Vhedia head unit kit reminders

You basically have all you need (and more) here to install your new head unit into your vehicle. The actual content may change a bit, though, depending on the vehicle (e.g. the applicable cables included). Still, you will still get the necessary tools for installation plus the additional items we included like the Vhedia OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool.

If you’re going to do it DIY, it will take you a couple of hours or so. But if you need assistance, we have our customer support team to help you out.

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