Apple Carplay

Use Apple CarPlay on your Vhedia Head Unit

Do you want to use Apple CarPlay on your head unit? Well, compatibility with the program comes built-in on all Vhedia head units. Now, connect your iPhone to your head unit, either by using a cable or via Bluetooth.

To connect via Wireless

  1. On the head unit main screen, click on the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Then, click “Search”. Make sure you turned on the Bluetooth of your iPhone.
  3. Once your device name appears, click on that then tick the “Bluetooth +” button on the right side of the screen (below the Search button).
  4. A window will then come up on your phone. Enter the PIN (which is four zeroes: “0000”).
  5. On your head unit, your device name should appear on the list of paired devices.
  6. Go to your “Settings” on your iPhone, look for “General“, and then click on “CarPlay”. Click on “CAR KIT-K”. It may take a bit of time before the Apple CarPlay interface appears on your head unit.
  7. If after some minutes the Apple CarPlay screen still does not appear, go to your head unit main menu and look for the “Zlink” app. Click on “Use CarPlay” on the prompt that will appear on your iPhone screen. Then, tick on the new selection on your CarPlay menu.
  8. Once you go back to the CarPlay menu on your phone, the interface should appear on your head unit. You can now access the apps compatible to Apple CarPlay like Apple Maps, Apple Music, Messages, Spotify, etc.

To Connect via Wired

  1. Look for the USB cable port at the back of your head unit. It should be labelled “Carplay + Android Auto”.
  2. Connect your phone using your lightning cable. If there are prompts on your phone or head unit, click on “Allow” or “Yes” (but read the message nonetheless).
  3. The Apple CarPlay interface should appear after.

Remember, when you use Apple CarPlay…

Not all apps on your iPhone can be used when connected to Apple CarPlay. This is part of the safety features of the program. Aside from that, you might need to learn about Apple CarPlay. We got you covered here.

More questions on Apple CarPlay or other Vhedia products? Reach us here.

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