1080p Reverse Camera

Vhedia Aftermarket Reverse Camera Installation – 1080p AHD

Every Vhedia head unit kit comes with a quality 1080p HD reverse camera ready. So, whether your vehicle has a factory reverse camera or not, we’ll give include one in your package. The only thing you could worry about is the aftermarket reverse camera installation.

Don’t worry, though. We got this covered for you.

Aftermarket Reverse Camera Installation Kit

Here are what’s included in the Vhedia head unit kit to install your reverse camera.

  1. 1080p HD camera
    – There will be two (2) plugs at the other end of the cable. One is the power source plug (orange) where you’ll connect the power source cable. The other one is the video signal plug (yellow) for your dash connector cable.
    – Hide the wiring for this on your car trim.
  2. Power source cable
    – Connect the end with the exposed copper wires to your reverse lights. Make sure you connect the positive and negative end to the correct wires. You can use a circuit tester to determine the correct polarity. Then, secure the connection using an electrical tape.
    – Your reverse lights will be the power source of the camera. When you shift to reverse and your reverse lights come on, the camera will turn on simutaneously.
  3. Camera mount
    – Helps support your camera when you mount it at the back of your vehicle.
    – You can drill a hole on the area where you’ll place the mount so you can attach the safety screws.
  4. Dash connector cable
    – Six (6) metre cable that will run through your cars interiors or trim to connect your camera to your head unit.
    – On one end, you’ll connect to the video signal plug of the camera. Then, piggyback the auxiliary cable (orange cable) onto the power source cable so both connect to the reverse lights.
    – The other end plugs into the reverse-in connector kit on the head unit. Look for the “CAM IN” plug (purple cable) and attach the dash connector cable there.
    – For the head unit to display the camera images when you shift to reverse, connect the auxiliary cable (orange cable) to the auxiliary cable on the main head unit harness. It should be easy to find since it is labelled “Reverse In”. Secure the connection with an electrical tape.


For a more comprehensive guide on installing aftermarket reverse cameras, check out this article.

If you need further help, you can also contact us here.

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