Head Unit Interface

Vhedia Android Head Unit User Interface

We dive deeper into the Vhedia Android head unit now, as today, we’ll talk about its user interface.

Android OS

The first thing that you should know is that all Vhedia head units have an Android-based operating system (OS). With an Android OS, you get an open-source platform that allows you to download a wide range of apps from Google Playstore to use on your head unit.

You should not confuse this though, with Android Auto or Apple Carplay. These two apps allow you to project compatible apps from your Android or Apple devices onto your head unit. You can have an Android head unit and still use any of these apps.

The main difference, though, lies in the restriction on the kind of apps that could be used on your head unit. Android Auto and Apple Carplay limit the apps you can use to navigation, audio/music, messaging, and food ordering apps. On the other hand, Android OS permits more categories of apps to be downloaded to the device opening you to more possibilities on how you can use the device.

Vhedia Android Head Unit Screen

The Vhedia head unit uses touch screen technology making it easy and convenient to customise the user screens you will use. Some actions that you can perform to modify your screen include:

  • Add or Remove apps from the main screen
    To add, click on the menu button and go to “Apps”. Click and drag the app onto the screen you would want it included. To remove, click on the app and drag it to the side of the screen until you do not see the app button.
  • Add or Remove widgets from the main screen
    Same as what you do with Apps. Note that some apps have accompanying widgets when you download them, like Spotify.

    * To access all apps and widgets you have on the device, just click on the menu button.

Vhedia Android Head Unit Default Apps

One default app you get when you purchase a Vhedia head unit is Google Maps. Aside from getting real-time navigation information, one cool feature of the app is that you can download maps to your device and use it later while you’re offline or don’t have an access to a Wi-Fi connection.

You also get a Radio app that plays available Aussie stations in range. And a Bluetooth app that let’s you pair your head unit to another Bluetooth-powered device.

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If you have a question on other functions of a Vhedia Head Unit or are experiencing troubleshooting issues with the device, you can contact us here, and we’ll be glad to assist you!

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