Caravan WiFi


Vhedia’s newest product, the CARA-FI caravan WiFi, is a handy wireless internet router that allows you to have a 4G Wi-Fi network inside your caravan (or any vehicle). If you need to hook up multiple tablets, smart TV or smartphones, and other internet devices to the internet, the CARA-FI is the device you need to install today!

Vhedia Caravan WiFi

What’s inside the CARA-FI kit?

  1. Main Wi-Fi router unit
  1. DC power supply cable
  1. Two (2) 2.4G antennas and two (2) 3/4G antennas
  1. Nano-sim adapter
  1. Boost mobile SIM card

How to set up your caravan wifi?

  1. Screw in the antennae. Make sure to put the right antennae in the correct slot on the main router unit. 2.4G to 2.4G and 3/4G to 3/4G
  1. Plug in the power cable. Make sure it is switched on, and you’ve set up your caravan power supply.

    For setup, you can plug into any cigarette power supply like your car just to test the unit and make sure it is all working. 
  1. Take the Boost SIM card (or your preferred network’s SIM). Insert it into the SIM card slot.
  1. Wait for the Wi-Fi signal to turn on.
  1. Find a spot on your caravan to mount the router. The unit has four (4) bracket slots for mounting, or you can use a velcro or tape to stick the caravan wifi to your vehicle.

What about the FREE Boost Mobile SIM card?

Part of the Vhedia CARA-FI kit is a free Boost mobile SIM card. We included this so you can use the unit right away!

We also recommend Boost mobile as it is the only company that uses Telstra’s entire network, and they offer great prepaid deals. 

Still, if you have another network provider, ask them for an extra SIM (and pay an additional charge of about $5.00 per month), and you get to top up the data pool of your current plan. 

But if you choose to go with Boost, here is how you set it up:

  1. Choose a Boost Prepaid plan suitable for you.
  1. Activate your SIM through this link:

Enter the SIM serial number and click “Check serial number”. Then, tick on “Get a new number” and click “Continue” afterwards.

  1. Type in your Australian ID details and your contact information.
  1. Select from the several Boost recharge options.
Recharge options
  1. Choose a payment method and enter your payment details. You may select the “Enable auto recharge” option for your continuous internet access.

    However, we recommend you try a few options before choosing this. Then, click “Activate SIM”.
    1. You’re done! Wait for about four (4) hours to complete the SIM activation. In the meantime, take note of the number you registered.

      Once activation is done, insert the Boost SIM on your CARA-FI to start enjoying internet access on your caravan.

    Connecting your devices to the internet

    1. Open your device’s Wi-Fi options. Look and connect to the network “WiFi-31A2C4”.
    1. To change your WiFi profile and password, enter on your browser.
    1. You will be led to a login page. Enter admin as the password.
    1. The connection status page appears. Here, your device is already connected to the internet.
    1. To change your caravan wifi password, click Wifi Setup from the options list. 
    1. Enter the encryption type and the new password.
    1. Return to the device Wifi list and select “WiFi-31A2C4” again. Type in your new password.
    1. Check and test the internet connection.

    Setting up the CARA-FI is pretty straightforward. However, if you experience any trouble during installation set-up, feel free to message us

    And, for more internet options, media accessories, or a new head unit for your vehicle, visit our site today!

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