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Head Unit Cables

Vhedia Head Unit Cables – What Goes Where?

Included in all Vhedia head units on stock are the head unit cables Before we get into sorting out what head unit cables go where, you need to uninstall your head unit first.

The best way to do this is to search YouTube for video guides for head unit installation for the particular car model you have there. Look for the video with the same OEM dash you have now. And, it doesn’t matter if it shows a right-hand drive or left-hand drive vehicle since the process will be the same. You’ll still find out where to pull things on the unit, where the screws are, and all that.

Where to plug in those head unit cables?

At the back of your head unit, you’ll find the ports for your cables. There are also the OEM wirings you unattached to your original head unit. Make sure the port endings are sticking out because you will need to connect them to your new head unit.

Now, let’s discuss the cables:


    First one to look for is the main 20-pin plug on your head unit. That is where the main adapter kit goes in and that will connect all the original car cables to the vehicle.

    There are many plugs on you adapter kit, and at times you won’t use all of them. Just make sure that the car cables you have now go into the ports you have on your kit.

    There will also be camera-in plugs for two different options. You might also see a small box device included in this cable kit. That is the CAN interface that will connect to modern car systems more easliy.

    Finally, for vehicles without a factory reverse camera, a reverse-in cable is available for you. Connect this to the reverse camera wiring and this will tell your head unit to display images when you go into reverse.

    For your aftermarket reverse cameras if you don’t have a factory one installed. You get the gray plug and the camera-on plug for your main camera and an F-cam plug or secondary plug for the additional camera you want to install (e.g. for caravans or trucks).

    This has the brown plug and auxiliary-in and video-in plugs.

    Identified by the black plug and pre-outs to the amplifier on the other end.

    One of the most commonly used cables, this has the white plug, two USB ports and an external microphone. One USB port is for Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay if you want to do wired connection. The other is a general port for other accessories such as dash cams. The external mic is for your audio enhancement devices.

    Depending on your vehicle, you’ll also get this plugs on your kit:
    • For Nissan, you get an extra auxiliary cable for your dash to hook in your head unit to the aux jack on the center console or underneath the current sterero.
    • For Toyota, there is an adapter cable that you can plug into any USB port.

    Plug in your car’s antenna port and the other side goes to the antenna port on your head unit (lower-right side)

    Mount the GPS device somewhere where metal is not above it and the other side screws onto the plug above the main 20-pin port.


After you removed the old head unit, plug in the main adapter first and turn on your vehicle to know if your device is working. If it is working, then you can plug in the other cables on their respective ports.

This is pretty simple and straightforward. But, if you encounter any trouble or has any concern, contact our support so we can help you enjoy your new Vhedia head unit!

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