Vhedia Head Unit Radio

Vhedia Head Unit Radio Setup

Setting up your Vhedia head unit radio is pretty straightforward. Depending on your vehicle, the kit may come with an antenna adapter to help you get the device to pick up radio signals

Here are some tips to get you going:

  • Access your head unit radio by clicking the Radio icon on your main screen. If the icon is not there, you can find it on the Apps area when you click on the main menu.
  • To automatically scan for channels, press and hold the left or right arrow buttons for a couple of seconds. You can also manually search for channels by pressing on any of the arrow buttons any number of times.
  • Click and hold any of buttons of the screen that says “P1, P2, P3,…” to save the frequency or radio station you have selected. The device allows you to store up to 30 frequencies or radio stations.
  • You can switch your Vhedia head unit radio from “AM” to “FM” or vice versa with just a click of a button.

For any other questions or troubleshooting concerns about any of Vhedia‘s products, chat with us here.

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