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Vhedia OBD2 Basic Scan Tool: Car Diagnostics Made Easy

Every head unit kit you purchase from Vhedia comes with a dongle called the Vhedia OBD2 basic scan tool. Maybe some of you are familiar with this device. Nevertheless, we’ll give you a general rundown of a basic scan tool and what it does for your vehicle. 

Vhedia OBD2 Basic Scan Tool

What is an OBD2 basic scan tool?

Until the introduction of ECUs (Engine Control Units), vehicle diagnostics only belonged to professional mechanics and automotive dealers. Meaning if you want something checked with your car, you’re required to go to them (and spend considerable dollars doing so). 

You can then imagine the relief of most car owners when onboard diagnostics (OBD1 and eventually OBD2) became a mainstay in modern vehicles. And with OBD tools becoming more accessible, drivers can now check vehicle malfunctions right in the comfort of their garage.

One such diagnostic device is the OBD2 basic scan tool. 

Vhedia OBD2 Basic Scan Tool

You’ll need to plug it into your OBD2 port when using this device. It enables you to access the engine’s computer and thus the multitude of sensors controlled by the ECU. 

You can now check for oil and coolant temperature, fuel consumption, voltage, fluid levels, etc. The scan tool also shows existing fault codes in your engine, and it will help you clear them as well (but be sure to fix the actual fault or problem).

How do you use the device with the Vhedia head unit?

  1. First, you have to determine if your car is OBD2-compliant. You can check this article here. If you do have an OBD1 vehicle, here is a guide so you can still use the Vhedia scan tool.
OBD1 vs. OBD2
  1. Then, you need to find your OBD2 port.
OBD2 port
  1. Plug in the Vhedia OBD2 basic scan tool.
  2. Make sure you have an OBD2 app installed on your head unit. Since the Vhedia head unit is Android-powered, we recommend the Torque Pro or Torque Lite. However, there are plenty of similarly-capable apps you can download too.
OBD2 Australia OBD2 basic scan tool
  1. Connect the scan tool with your head unit via Bluetooth. The Vhedia head unit interface is easy to navigate to turn on your Bluetooth connection.
  1. Open your app and do your app exploration: 
  • Set up your gauge dashboards to get real-time vehicle information
  • Retrieve engine fault codes and clear them
  • Use freeze-frame to capture critical vehicle readings

Our final word

An OBD2 basic scan tool gives you an “extra set of eyes” on your engine components and overall vehicle condition. The device hopes to make your drive more secure and help you save dollars on repairs and maintenance as you make car diagnostics easier.

And with this scan tool part of every Vhedia head unit kit, you’ll not just get better vehicle media but also an upgrade on your overall car experience. Now, this is what we call value for your hard-earned money!

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