What is a Reverse Squawker Alarm, and Why Use It?

Do you have a backup alarm on your vehicle? Did you ever have someone in the neighbourhood complaining of the noise it creates? Then, you need to replace it with a Reverse Squawker Alarm asap!

What is the noise?

Everyone has probably heard how loud the alarm sound whenever a truck reverses.  This can be very annoying, old-fashioned, high-pitched, morning or late at night when people are still sleeping. And hearing this sound is all too common in urban areas and places near construction sites, making it difficult for people not to ignore it. 

For a very long time, there hasn’t been any solution. Most truck manufacturers still use conventional alarms, so expect the unavoidable sound they produce to be present for years to come. 

Why use a reverse squawker alarm?

A Reverse Squawker Alarm is easier on the ear yet equally effective as a conventional alarm. It is five decibels quieter than an old-fashioned, high-pitched, pure tone alarm. And most importantly, the squawker noise sound dissipates twice the rate of a pure tone sound, so there is minor noise nuisance. 

Moreover, anyone in the danger zone immediately recognizes the sound coming directly from the reversing vehicle, even in areas with a background noise level that varies considerably. The new Reverse Squawker Alarm Smart Version will automatically monitor and set the warning level between 5 and 10 decibels above the ambient level to ensure optimum safety.

Unlike conventional alarms, whose noise can be heard all around the location, with the revers squawker alarm, the localised sound is directed only into the hazard zone, which increases the response of the alarm and diminishes the chance of it being ignored. Basically, you only hear it if you need to. This makes it a revolutionary improvement in vehicle safety,

Finally, you have to take note of Vhedia’s reverse squawker alarm’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP68. This means the device is built resistant to dust, dirt and sand and can handle submersion up to 1.5 metres – tough enough to handle the harsh Australian weather conditions. And our trust in the product is backed with its lifetime warranty.

What vehicles do they fit?

It suits almost every vehicle imaginable – Trucks, Equipment, Utes, Cars and Vans – as the device’s voltage input ranges from 9-32V.

What is the night shift version and also smart alarms? What do they do?

  • Night Shift Version allows for a much quieter noise alarm that is reduced by 12db (decibels), making it very noise friendly or making it silent mode when in night mode.
  • Smart Version makes sophisticated sound adjustments to make it more noise friendly, allowing for flexibility in working noise conditions during the day and night.

How do you install the reverse squawker alarm?

Installing them is straightforward; simply connect our units to your reverse lights’ positive wire and ground, then mount it in the centre of the vehicle using one of several mounting options.

Our Final Word

Vhedia’s two versions of the reverse squawker alarm – the Smart and Night Shift Versions – give you options to improve vehicle backup maneuvering. Not only will it be more convenient for you but also safer. 

And being universally compatible with all types of vehicles due to its wide range of voltage compatibility, you have more reasons to shift to the more advanced reverse squawker alarm.  Visit Vhedia’s online store today!

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