Android Auto update

What will this Android Auto update bring to you?

A subtle yet essential breakthrough happened for the car infotainment industry last month. Google debuted the full version of Android 6.9, and it gave us a more stable Android Auto update. You can therefore expect a more reliable smartphone integration platform in the foreseeable future.

Android Auto update goodies

However, this is not just the development in the Android 6.9 update. We can expect three (3) improvements that we’ll surely improve our Android Auto experience.

1. CoolWalk

Through this new user interface, drivers can now see multiple functions on their navigation screen with a click of a button. Not only does this mean more convenience, but it also makes driving safer.

How?  Well, this feature removes the need to switch screens to move from one app to another. You then avoid this distraction, especially while you’re on the road.

Android Auto update
CoolWalk user interface

As seen on the sample interface, you can see the Spotify widget together with Google Maps. You can now navigate through traffic while selecting the best music background. Hopefully, you’re using Google Assistant as it pairs well with CoolWalk to enhance the Android Auto experience.

* August 2022 update: Still waiting for CoolWalk’s rollout in Android Auto, but this should (?) happen very soon!

2. A New Wallpaper Experience

Aside from adding new wallpaper designs, Google is developing something new in this update. What do you think of wallpapers that automatically switch if it becomes day or night? Well, this is what Android 6.9 brings to the table (or dashboard).

Android Auto update
Android Auto wallpaper

3. Auto-start

On newer car models, Android Auto auto-launches once you connect your phone to your head unit. Android 6.9 modifies this feature a bit. With the latest update, users can now select when Android Auto turns on.

Android Auto update
Android Auto new startup update

Aside from the feature mentioned, here are other changes from Android 6.9:

  • Improved Do Not Disturb functionality
  • Dark mode on car UI is now independent of the phone
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Our Final Word

After several updates where we experienced glitches with Android Auto, there is a different buzz  with Android 6.9. Not only are we getting new valuable features, but we also have a reliable Android Auto that would help us on the road (and won’t give us headaches). 

We’re definitely excited for its rollout (which should come soon). But as you wait, make sure you have the latest head unit technology installed on your vehicle. Vhedia offers quality and affordable Android Auto-compatible head units for a wide range of car models in Australia. And these car media systems are all Android-based, so you get access to more apps and features.

Visit the shop to find out how vehicle media is done better.  

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