What’s New on Spotify? – A driver’s update

“What’s New” IS coming on Spotify! And this is what’s really new on Spotify now. If we’ve confused you, read on below for our clarification.

As of the end of 2020, Spotify has over 7.7 million users across Australia. And its subscriber base continues to increase as the COVID-19 pandemic still keeps live events and shows mainly on the shelves. 

However, one thing missing from the app (in our opinion) is a notification for new music from our favourite artists or new shows from our followed podcasts.

That “What’s New” update

That is, until last month. 

New on Spotify
Look out for that “Notification bell” and “Blue dot”

The music streaming giant announced that they will add the “What’s New” feature to the app. And, this will happen in the “next few weeks” according to their site. With this update, users will now see a “bell” icon on top of the home page. Click on that bell, and you’ll see a real-time feed of what is happening to your followed artists and shows in Spotify. 

And the “blue dot” on that bell? That will tell you if there is new music, music video, or podcast uploaded since your last app session. For sure, you’ll be the first to know and hear your Spotify favourites’ new content!

Spotify’s “What’s New” on the road

Having this Swedish-born music streaming app is as necessary as having your social media, messaging, and navigation apps. At home or in the office, Spotify gives access to music and podcasts that help you get through the day. 

But more so while driving. Spotify keeps you awake on those long drives, gives you something interesting to listen to, or helps you bear the dreaded traffic jams. It’s highly likely that if you have an infotainment system in your vehicle, you will have the app on your main screen. 

New on Spotify
“What’s New” interface

And you also get to enjoy this new feature, right there displayed on your head unit! Whether you are using Android Auto or Apple Carplay, or have the app downloaded on your Android head unit, you will get that “What’s New” feed in the coming weeks. 


There you have it!

Our short adventure on what’s new on Spotify now. We expect more developments for Spotify in the next few months, given the steady increase of subscribers and the faster pace people (especially the younger generation) consume audio content nowadays.

For the majority of drivers and car owners, Spotify remains the go-to music and podcast streaming app. The app’s secret (we think) is its simple interface and extensive library that appeal to several demographics. And, it’s convenient to use like browsing the app and scrolling through playlists, even while driving and on display in your head unit. 

Android Auto Interface

Maybe more wireless capability and more subscription options in the future? Nevertheless, we’re excited about What’s New (i.e. the new feature AND the next Spotify update).

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