200 series Landcruiser head unit

200 Series Landcruiser Head Unit Upgrade

The Toyota 200 series Landcruiser is a great wagon. And from 2008 to 2021, they have provided a solid 4WD for many people. However, with the more advanced vehicle media technology available to utes and trucks nowadays, you should seriously think about a 200 series Landcruiser head unit upgrade.

Buying a new head unit lets you have wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, built-in GPS, a more epic sound quality (via DSP), reverse and secondary cameras, and many other options. Also, an Android-powered head unit allows you to download any apps you like (Hema, Waze, Spotify, etc.) to achieve a more exciting in-car entertainment system.

Also, consider that despite the apparent upgrades from its predecessor, the 100 series, like Smart Entry, Smart Start, CRAWL four-wheel control system, downhill assist control, multi-terrain ABS, KDSS, and the Toyota VD diesel engine, some people find 200 series’ media system lacks the punch to match other features of the vehicle. 

200 series Landcruiser

Need another reason to get that head unit upgrade?

A quick browse through Toyota’s 200 series Landcruiser page will give you the news that its production has come to an end to give way to the entry of the new 300 series. This means that you can expect no other upgrades to this model from the manufacturer.

Where can you purchase a 200 series Landcruiser head unit?

VHEDIA offers the latest head unit technology, which opens unlimited possibilities for your vehicle media. Being Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatible means a more comfortable and safer driving experience. However, having the Android operating system takes it up one more notch in terms of car entertainment and functionality. This feature enables you to download any app on Google Playstore.

In addition, Vhedia head units for the 200 series Landcruiser have these features and add-ons:

  • Latest hexacore processor
  • 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage
  • Built-in DSP to improve sound quality
  • Plug-and-play cable adaptor kit 
  • Trim removal tools
  • GPS and OBD2 scan tools included 

Currently, Vhedia has head unit upgrade kits for the following 200 series Landcruiser variants:

  1. 2008 to 2012 VX, GXL, Altitude, GX
  2. 2012+ GX
  3. 2016 to 2021 GXL, Altitude

If you can’t find your specific model here, you can contact us, and we’ll help you figure it out. 

Did we mention that Vhedia head units are built to work with the factory features and options? So, there is no need to worry about purchasing additional parts to make the head unit work. 

Are you planning to add a camera (i.e. a front camera or a reverse camera for your caravan or trailer)? The Vhedia 200 series Landcruiser head unit kit has additional wires and plugs so you can quickly hook up a second camera.

How to install the Vhedia head unit?

Installing your 200 series Landcruiser head unit could be your weekend DIY project – that’s how easy it is! Most of the electronic components are plug-and-play, and the head unit install kit includes trim tools to help remove your dashboard trimmings and facia.

Still, we advise you to prepare your standard screwdriver and wrenches for the screws and bolts. Add in some tape and a thick piece of cloth, and you’re good to go! 

Now, for the easy-to-follow and detailed installation guide to achieve that 200 series Landcruiser head unit upgrade, we have this video and step-by-step guide:

  1. Carefully remove the trimmings, facia, original head unit and wirings/connections.
200 series Landcruiser head unit upgrade
  1. Plug in the main harness cable and camera harness to test the unit.
  1. Plug in the other cables (i.e. microphone, GPS, USB). Use a tape or strap to organise the wiring. 
  1. Remove the hazard button and AC control unit from the original head unit and attach these to the new one. 
  1. Push in the Vhedia head unit on the dashboard. Return the trimmings, AC vents and covers.
  1. Organise the apps, set up the steering keys, and connect to your Apple Carplay/Android Auto. 

Our Final Word

Contrary to the market’s expectation that interest in the Toyota 200 series Landcruiser would wane due to the news of its production stoppage, sales of this 4WD skyrocketed last year. It even outperformed its competition, such as the Nissan Patrol.

Nevertheless, we can’t take away the prestige and reputation carved by this machine to the Aussie (4WD) psyche. For close to 15 years on the market, the 200 series has proven that you can mix luxury with power and robustness in a vehicle – making it one of the best-selling 4WDs in Australia. 

So, if you own one yourself, one of the best ways to bring it up to date is with a Toyota 200 series Landcruiser head unit upgrade to maximise its use and functionality and keep up with the current technology in phones and vehicle media.  

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