Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps

Why You’ll Need the Sygic Offline Navigation App?

Ever had that time when you’re off-roading, and suddenly lost your internet connection? And now you’re stuck with an actual map (I hope you have one in your glove compartment) and a lamp to navigate back to the main highway. Quite a story to tell your mates – if ever you get back in time before they finish their beers. 

Driving on the outback can present various challenges with regards to navigation

I know, we now live in a world where we rely (heavily) on our mobile phones and the internet to do all our tasks, which include navigating both highways and trails. Still, any driver worth their salt should always be prepared and learn to anticipate possible problems on the road, like areas with intermittent internet coverage, dead spots, or just your Wi-Fi device going dead.

In Australia, this is very common in the outback with its vast amount of land area that does not have mobile coverage. 

A new navigation tool

Our friends from Sygic (a Slovakia-based tech company) were smart enough to recognise that not all times there will be internet and the fact that people care less about memorising routes today. 

The Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Map is your typical navigation app that provides real-time traffic information to drivers using data from its over 500 million users worldwide. Using GPS-guided voice commands, you can now go from point A to point B at least possible time using the most comfortable route of your choice. If you use Google Maps, Waze, or Amigo, then you might have had experience with this. 

Sygic offline navigation app
Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps app

Aside from being a navigation app, Sygic is also a drivers’ safety tool, with its speed limit warnings, predictive routing for congestions, and Dynamic Lane Assistant (guides you when you switch lanes). 

However, the capability to provide 3D offline maps (which you can save on your device) sets this app apart from the others. Now, even if you lose your internet connection, you can still find your way to your destination (and will never have an excuse to miss dinner). And don’t be afraid, Sygic updates these maps multiple times a year to maintain their reliability. 

Sygic offline navigation app integration to Android Auto

Just this April, Android Auto integrated the Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps app (if you’re not familiar with Android Auto, here is a brief background). With this development, navigation became more convenient and safer for drivers using the app. 

With your maps projected on your head unit screen, there is no more need to mount your phone on the dash or purchase an external GPS Navigation screen to view them. All is there for you to control at the touch of the screen. 

Just make sure you purchase a reliable head unit compatible with Android Auto.

Our Final Word


Don’t ever be that person again who gets lost because his/her internet connection broke down while in the middle of nowhere.

But be the person who was smart enough to download one of the world’s first offline navigation apps, project the map on his head unit using Android Auto, and make it out of the weekend off-road trip with the best stories of how you conquered the trail with the utmost ease.

You’ll sure earn your pints there, mate!

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