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You need this Caravan 2nd Camera Smart Switcher

Do you have a 2nd camera on a caravan or trailer, and you want to be able to view this on your Vhedia head unit or display when you go into reverse? When the caravan or trailer is hooked up, do you want to view the caravan camera when you go into reverse and not your vehicle’s reverse camera? Then our 2-in-1 camera smart switcher is for you!

How does a Vhedia camera smart switcher work?

The car camera smart switcher is a nifty device that allows you to view multiple cameras without doing anything. It will treat one camera as the Master – when this camera is connected it will show the video feed from this camera. And if it is not connected, it will show the video feed from the Slave camera.

The usual camera smart switcher set-up is:

Master = Caravan/Trailer Camera
Slave = Vehicle Reverse Camera 

All you need to do is hook your cameras to the car camera switcher system and route the video output to your dash screen or head unit. Most systems already provide the video input and output plugs and jacks, so you’ll find installing this kind of device pretty straightforward. 

Where can I get a car camera smart switcher?

Just jump onto the product links below and get yours today. Stock is in Australia with awesome Australian support!

2-to-1 Auto Camera Switch System

2-to-1 auto camera switch system
camera smart switcher
Vhedia 2-to-1 auto camera switch system

We suggest the 2-to-1 Auto Camera Switch System for caravan or trailer owners. It’s a simple car camera switcher system that lets you change the reverse camera input from your car to your caravan or trailer when connected and vice versa. 

car camera switcher
Vhedia 2 to 1 auto camera switch system

The system works by:

  1.  Plug in the vehicle reverse camera onto the “Slave Video In” slot, the caravan camera to the “Master Video In” plug, and the “Video Out” to your head unit or display.
  2. The power source could come from your head unit or a fuse tap. Just need an ACC and GND source.
  3. View from your caravan camera will appear on the head unit. But once you remove the caravan or trailer, footage from your car’s reverse camera will show on the screen.

4-to-1 Vehicle Camera Switch System

4-to-1 vehicle camera switch system
camera smart switcher
Vhedia 4-to-1 vehicle camera switch system

Meanwhile, the 4-to-1 Vehicle Camera Switch System offers a more panoramic view of your vehicle’s surroundings. It enables you to install cameras on your vehicle’s or caravans’ front, right, left and back sides. The device has trigger wires you need to connect to your car’s turn signal and backing mechanisms. And these allow you to auto-switch to the camera view you most need to be shown on your head unit. 

The front camera view shows when you are not using any of the triggers and will be on for about 7 seconds, it goes on standby mode and back to the main head unit screen view.

Ideal for larger vehicles with limitations on panoramic visibility, this car camera switcher system is nevertheless a tool for all kinds of automobiles and drivers who need extra pairs of eyes to help make their travels safer. 

4-to-1 vehicle camera switch system
camera smart switcher
Vhedia 4-to-1 vehicle camera switch system

Are you a Caravan or Trailer owner?

If you’re a caravan or trailer owner and you plan to install or upgrade your reverse camera system, Vhedia offers a caravan camera kit set-up that includes the following: You can view our kits here:

1. Vhedia Caravan Reverse Camera

2. 4-Pin Reverse Camera Cable – Aviation

Industrial grade 6m and 8m cables run from your caravan reverse camera to the coil cable in front of your caravan and from the other end of the coil cable to the Aviator-RCA connector in front of your vehicle.

3. Caravan Trailer Camera Coil Cable and Plugs

Connects the reverse camera cables on your caravan and your car. It extends from 1 to 3 metres and is made from heavy-duty materials to help it tough out the rough conditions of the outdoors.

4. 4-Pin Male (Camera) to RCA Female DC Cable

Converts the input from aviation cable to audio and video output while providing power to the camera. 

5. 2-in 4-out wire connector

6. 2-to-1 Auto Camera Switch System

The 2-to-1 camera switcher fits between the adapter cable and the head unit. If you are using an Android head unit like the ones from Vhedia, you can use an app to automatically switch from your caravan’s to your vehicle‘s reverse camera or vice versa.

To understand the Vhedia caravan camera kit further, you can watch the video here:

Our Final Word

Upgrading to these car camera switchers gives you the answer to being able to have a reverse camera auto display on your caravan or trailer.

And with vehicle media technology available at the click of a button, what’s stopping you from improving your car experience?

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